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Calgary Tent Rentals for Every Occasion

At Western Tent and Awning, we carry tents for every occasion, large or small. Find the perfect tent for your party or event. Whether you’re having an anniversary celebration in the backyard or a community festival in the park, we’ll help you find the best tent for your needs. Our experienced customer service team would be happy to provide you with an estimate.

To help you find out what size of tent or tents you need, click here for our printable pdf flyer.

Our tents are designed for everything from backyard parties to corporate functions and available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

10’ x 10’

20’ x 20’


30’ x 30’

40’ x 40’

40’ x 60’

40’ x 80’

40’ x 100’

60' x 60'

60' x 80'

60' x 100'

60’ x 120’



These tents can be erected side by side or in clusters to better accommodate your event. We offer discounted rates for those who prefer to set up and take down their own tents but, of course, full installation & dismantlement services can be provided by our experienced team. Perhaps you require a more permanent solution? We always have party tents available for sale.


Seating and Space Recommendations for Rental Tents

Click here for our printable pdf flyer to help you find out what size tent you will need. Here are the approximate square footage required for the following requests:

Stand Up Cocktail 6 Square Feet per person
Partial Seating Cocktail 10 Square Feet per person
Buffet Dinner 11 Square Feet per person
Sit Down Dinner  
- round tables of 10 10-13 Square Feet per person
- round tables of 6, 8 or 12 10-15 Square Feet per person
- long tables 7-10 Square Feet per person
Cathedral Seating 7 Square Feet per person
Dance Area
- wedding 4 Square Feet per person
- other dance 3-4 Square Feet per person
- drums 20 Square Feet per kit
- piano (upright) 30 Square Feet each
- piano (grand) 100 Square Feet each
- other instruments (average) 10 Square Feet per person
Bar 100 Square Feet
Speaker Platform 10 Square Feet
Cake Table 50 Square Feet



For a printable pdf check-list that will help you find the size you need for your function.

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